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Jury Service Types

  • Grand Jury  -  Circuit Court
    • Sixteen individuals are chosen through a random selection during the first term of court (January) and meet again in May and September. These individuals are secluded and presented with criminal cases by the Prosecuting Attorney and will then vote whether this enough probable cause for the defendant to be indicted on the charges presented.
  • Petit Jury  -  Circuit or Magistrate Court
    • For criminal cases twelve individuals are chosen through a random selection to serve as the jury panel.
    • For civil cases six individuals are chosen through random selection as the jury panel.

Jury Service Process

  • Every two years the Circuit Clerk pulls a randomly compiled list of names from Voter's Registration and DMV listings for Hampshire County.
  • Potential Jurors will receive a Questionnaire for qualification purposes only.  This does NOT mean you have been called to serve. It is very important that you read the questionnaire, answer all questions legibly  and return promptly in the provided self addressed stamped envelope.
  • Jury service for Hampshire County is served in terms of four months. There are three terms a year and begin January, May and September.
  • Once you have passed the qualification process you may possibly be called to serve as a Juror at any time during the four month term.
  • If you are called to serve as  a potential juror you will receive a summons and acknowledgement in the mail alerting you to your upcoming service. Please note that jury summons are usually issued at least twenty days prior to your initial date of service.
  • For additional information and/or answer to frequently asked questions click here.


Jury Hotline:  1-800-303-0737

Hampshire County Circuit Clerk

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