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I have received a juror questionnaire....

  1. What if I am no longer a resident of Hampshire County and/or the state of West Virginia?
    • Question #2 of the form ask if you are a resident of Hampshire County- check no to this question and sign the form and return in the provided self addressed stamped envelope (SASE).
  2. What if the questionnaire was sent to someone who is deceased?
    • If you are in receipt of a questionnaire for someone who is deceased we apologize for the inconvenience. Please write on the form that the individual is deceased and return in the provided SASE.
  3. Why does someone received a juror questionnaire if they are deceased?
    • Potential jurors are compiled into a list and are pulled from DMV records and voter's registration. These records need to be updated otherwise their name may be pulled as a potential juror. Contact the County Clerk (304-822-5112) for voter's registration and the DMV (304-822-3123) concerning driver's license.
  4. What if I am over 70 years of age?
    • There is a section at the top of the questionnaire for you to fill in your birth date. Please do so. If you are age 70 or over you may be automatically excused from jury duty. If you wish to be excused please mark the box next to your birth date.
    • If you do not mark the box requesting to be excused due to being 70 years of age or older you will be qualified as a potential juror and you may possibly be called to serve.
  5. What if I have vacation, doctor's appointment(s), business trips, etc.?
    • Question #5 on the second page of the questionnaire will ask you to list all dates that your are unavailable for due to these circumstances.
    • Be sure to fill in all dates that occur during the term you have been called.
    • Remember that terms are January, May and September and run for four months at a time.
    • The dates that you provide will be marked in our system as conflict dates and you will not be called as a potential juror during that time.
  6. What if I am unable to serve due to a medical issue?
    • If you have a medical issue that prevents you from serving as a juror please provide a signed excused from your physician.
    • This excuse may be mailed or faxed (304-822-8257)
    • Make sure that you fill out your questionnaire, sign and return as soon as possible. If you have the doctor's excuse please include it.  If you are obtaining a doctor's excuse please note this on the questionnaire (question #2 on the second page) and indicate how it is to be received by our office (i.e. via mail, fax or in person).
    • Note: Once a doctor's excuse is received you will be excused for the entire four month term.
    • Also be advised that you can not be permanently excused from jury for life due to a medical reason and information concerning jurors' is not carried over from term to term. This means that if you are called again for another term and still need to be excused due to a medical reason you MUST obtain another doctor's excuse.
  7. What if I have served as a juror in the past?
    • Question #1 on the second page of the questionnaire will ask whether you have served in the past as a juror in the past.
    • Be advised that you are only disqualified as a potential juror if you actually served on a jury panel and received payment for that service within the last two years.
    • If you only appeared for jury selection you are not disqualified.
  8. What if I need to be excused for other reasons (i.e. work, children, school, etc.)
    • Questions 3 through 6 on the second page of the questionnaire  can be used to make these request.
    • Once you questionnaire has been returned your request will be given to the Chief Circuit Judge for review. If your request is approved you will be notified via phone or mail. 
  9. What if 10 days has already past and I have not yet sent in my questionnaire?
    • It is very important to complete and return your questionnaire as soon as possible. However, we understand that there are times when extenuating circumstances arise (i.e. family emergencies, vacations, etc.). If you find that the 10 days has expired please be sure to go ahead mail or hand deliver your questionnaire as soon as possible.
  10. What if I lost my questionnaire?
    • If you have misplaced your questionnaire you may contact the Circuit Clerk's office in order to have a new one mailed to you or click here for a printable questionnaire. If you are unsure if your questionnaire was for Grand Jury or Petit Jury please contact the Circuit Clerk's office.

I have been called for jury selection......

  1.  How should I dress for jury service?
    • Click here for the court room dress code.
  2. What if I am unable to appear on the date I have been called to appear?
    • You may submit a letter requesting to be excused and your request will be given to the Chief Circuit Judge for review. If your request is approved you will be notified via phone or mail.
    • If your request is not approved you MUST appear on the date specified.
  3. What happens if I do not show up for jury selection?
    • If you fail to appear you may be found in contempt and may be ordered to pay a fine that could be up to $1,000.00.
  4. How long am I required to serve as a juror if I am selected?
    • During the jury selection process you will be notified as to the expected length of the trial which you may be chosen to serve.
    • Trials can last one day or several days.
    • If you appear for jury selection and find that the trial is scheduled for multiple days and you have a conflict with appearing multiple days then you will have the opportunity to make the Judge aware of this conflict.
  5. What if I am not selected for the jury panel?
    • If you are not selected your service is completed for the day, however, you are still a prospective juror and may be called for jury selection again (with ample notification time) during  the four month term. 

After I have served......

  1.  How much do I receive for my jury service?
    • The current rate is $40 per day of service plus mileage round trip.
  2. When will I receive payment for my jury service?
    • Checks for jury service issued at the end of each term.
  3. If I serve on a jury panel can I be called to serve again during the term?
    • The judge will notify the jury panel whether or not they are excused for the remainder of the four month term. 

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