Civil Complaints

This type of case  includes, but is not limited to, torts, contract cases, extraordinary writs, condemnation cases, removals from magistrate court, post-conviction habeas corpus proceedings, foreign judgment actions, and appeals from county commissions (unless the county commission is acting in its capacity as the board of equalization and review).

Note: For civil complaints seeking a monetary amount of $10,000 or less should be filed in the Magistrate Court. While the WV Supreme Court does not supply civil complaint forms for Circuit Court, there are forms available for Magistrate Court and can be found here.

Other Types of Civil Cases

  • Minor guardianship cases filed in circuit court (also known as Infant guardianship) - FORMS CLICK HERE
  • Civil Appeal from Magistrate Court
  • Miscellaneous Proceedings- This designation includes miscellaneous civil proceedings which do not involve a money judgment, generally require only one hearing, and usually are presented by petition rather than complaint.
    • Examples are minor settlement proceedings when no civil action is pending
    • Circuit court name change petitions
      • Legal Aid of West Virginia help and forms can be found here.
    • Expungments - FORMS CLICK HERE

Adoption- These types of cases are not public record and all hearings are closed to the public.
Adoptions, including stepparent adoptions and recognition of foreign adoptions.

Administrative Appeals
This type of case is for appeals to circuit court from administrative agency decisions, such as DMV driver's license revocations, Board of Review unemployment compensation decisions, and Education/State Employee Grievance Board decisions.  It also includes appeals from a county commission when it acts as the board of equalization and review for tax assessments.


​​Civil Cases 

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